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What Is The TCPA?

Congress enacted the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) to prevent the constant phone call barrage from telemarketers and creditors. The TCPA prohibits creditors, collectors, or telemarketers from calling your phone with a robo dialer. If You received telephone calls which were made by an automated system (you hear a prerecorded voice message or a brief delay before a human gets on the phone) you may be entitled to up to $1,500 PER CALL!

Despite this law, many banks and credit card companies continue to call consumers on these automated systems. Once you tell them to stop calling, the TCPA requires that they stop, thereafter You can sue them for each and every robodialed phone call.

Faxes and texts are also illegal!! If you get texts or faxes from companies that never had Your permission to send you texts or faxes, or that continued to send those texts or faxes after you have told them to stop calling you, Your rights under the TCPA have been violated, and you are entitled to compensation.

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